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Art Gates Records


released November 10, 2014

Stelio "Dyp" Pagani - Vocals
Flyshredd - Guitars
Stigma - Bass

Music: Flyshredd
Lyrics: Stelio "Dyp" Pagani
Artworks: Sinka
Recorded & mixed at The Quiet Place Studio by Stelio "Dyp" Pagani
Mastered at Endarker Studio by Magnus “Devo” Andersson



all rights reserved


Forsaken World France

Forsaken World is a Death Melodicore band from France.

Created in 2010, the band release his first album "As Time Reflects Our End" in 2012.

And after several shows in Europe, the band release his second album "Fragments" in 2014.
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Track Name: ElectroShock
We cannot say that we've not been warned,
Through thousands of prophecies,
One had to be finally true.
Is this the last breath of our Earth?
We never understood
That we are not pawns of God,
But those of space-time, who have Checked our King.
We still have a round to play,
Last call for Humanity:

Open Your Eyes,
Move Forward,
Run Before,
You die,
Everything burns,
Get up,

And like an ElectroShock,
I wake up on this devastated land.
With dead people around me,
While I get up on my feet,
To just see a world ablaze.
Like a ghost I walk around,
Searching for nothing.
As I see shadows at the horizon,
I'm getting closer with fear pulsating in my head.

These shapes who are watching me,
Through this misty smoke.
Then I hold out my hand,
To this people shocked like me.
These words slip out of my mouth.

And like an ElectroShock,
I saw a guiding light,
I am Our Own Savior.
We're going on a journey,
Last Exodus of humanity
Close to extinction, we mourn our fate out
As all these fragments flowing in our minds...
Track Name: Rise For A Better Collapse
Why are you rising if it's for Collapse?
You may had think twice, before you rise up your fuckin' pride.
Symbol of Power or Giant target,
HyperPower is a double-edged knife.

Stars fall from the Spangled Banner.

Remember to watch your back.
You can't be N°1, without making a few enemies.
Extermination for Peace, It's not an apology.
So watch your Stars falling from the Spangled Banner.

Elevate yourself to touch the sky,
Invade the World to show your idiocy.
Speak the words to make them believe:
Say all your prayers
Rise For A Better Collapse.

United Lies of America,
Self proclaimed King of Universe.
Conspiracy is a supremacy,
when responsibility is split.
War is a negligence,
To avenge your ignorant nation.


Elevate yourself to pierce the sky,
Invade the space to show your stupidity.
Cry the words to make them believe.
Say all your prayers
Rise For A Better Collapse.
Track Name: Ashes of Your Past Beliefs
Wake up, Mankind.
How did you fall so down?
Selling your life to a "higher Power" futile thing.
There is no creator, no savior, no god, no sense of it all.

Everything is an illusion, we are just a piece of material on a floating cell.
Imagine what is Universe is impossible.
We will never know what actually is Universe.
Because there's always something beyond, a limit, a boundary, infinite is impossible.

Everything you think, say, or designate,
are creations of the organic matter we are.
So all these things do not exist. You do not exist.
We're not so different from any other matter, 'cause we're there without being there.
Somewhere, lost in the vast unknown.
Ashes of Your Past Beliefs

What has been able to create such a thing? Oh no certainly not "God",
He is also an invention to hide the truth that we do not know.
Hazard? Random cannot exists without an initial something.
So what was there before this dark immensity?
Nothing? Impossible, because nothingness cannot exist without nothing.

We're all the same,
No higher power,
No savior, No creator,
No answers, No SENSE,

By the simple fact that nothing exists, everything is just an illusion of what we think we know.

Track Name: Expect Us
Throw yourself into the giant web
Drown yourself in the binary sea
Expose your life to the ghost world
Show us your ugly dog or your hot pussy, Dear
Everything you do will remain 'till the end of time
Immortality on your fingertips

We Are not Anonymous
We Are Alone (here in the light of our screen)
We Forget to read the Privacy Policy
We Forgive those who rape our lives
Expect Us

Tell me where are you right now, and upload the picture of your diner.
I want to know every single second of your life.
Be quick before you vanish somewhere in my timeline.

Welcome in the domain of Ignorance
Entrance ticket is your Innocence
Come on join the table of the mighty bytes
And start to download your virtual sins
Steal A Thousand hours of work in a single minute
This is just how you thank the ones who made you dreams

At every single click
In each pixels
We can see your slightest gestures
We are the red notification on the top left of your screen

So try to close the door of your life, I will lurk you by the window
Connect your children to the best sex educator,
broadcast themselves to the smartest predators.

Are we friends?
Track Name: Porn Generation
Hey bitch,
show me your body from hair to toes,
It'll be forgotten in five minutes,
Play with my senses and give me your privacy.
Female body is used to sell any shit,
so don't fuck on us with your feminist bullshit.
Enjoy and cum in silence.

THIS is Our Porn Generation,
Nothing has changed since prehistory.
Breeding coded in our DNA,
Connected to the soul's pleasure.
Weakness of average people,
Profit of mighty advertiser.

Everywhere I watch,
I can stare at all these curves,
and false charming faces,
Male primary instinct at every corner.

There's nothing you can do,
Let it invades your TV,
newspapers, streets and even your computer.
You'll never stop, the unstoppable.

So take your best low-cost dress,
Get in your "fuck me" heels,
Make your fancy nail art,
and put on your whore makeup,
Cover you with the latest perfume,
Embody the media's feminine ideal,
Be ready to get on your knees.

Don't be surprise of a teen,
fucking a forty-years-old.
It already reaches our child to the core.
Track Name: Define Your Priorities
Who are you?
Just try to answer this question,
before judging something or whoever.
Do you think I've never hit the ground?
Do you really think I need your opinion?
Your joyless life don't attracts me,
I will never be a programed robot.

Come on, try to break the walls of my dreams.
You're stuck in a destructive scheme,
While I ride a butterfly of light across the countries.
You drive yourself to your bitter end,
While I drive to the core of History.
You'll never see what I see.

Stop trying to teach me Life,
When you haven't seemed to find yours,
We are just what we create.
We only live once,
So Just Define Your Priorities,
Define Your Priorities.

Oh please, look into the mirror,
We shared so much memories,
And all of this falls apart.

Oh don't worry, a stab in the back,
Is sweeter than what you've done.
You'll never feel what I feel.

We only Live Once.
Track Name: Deadlight's Station
The smoke of Life, turns
in the caves of my lungs.
Waiting on this dock of misery.
Wondering who's been here before me,
but maybe I don't care.

Maybe my train dropped me too late, or too early?
Lights are lighting bright,
as my memory slowly falls in a melancholic coma.
Peoples surround me, and it seems that no one cares
about what the world is destined to.

How things have come so bad?
When no one can tell what we really are.
Tonight my being will crash in the waves of unexplainable.

Like a puzzle, we try to solve the reasons of our existence.

But Life throws mine on the highway of disillusion.
Cement is blinding me in this city of disgust.
All of this empty faces, who were raised just to live
the life they choose for them.
What if no meteorite crashed on Earth 65 million years ago?
Do things would have turned like this?

I Always lived with an endless will to change it all,
to mark History with my dying hope.
But the more I walk,
the more human stupidity crushes my fate.

Tired of it all, I take my last journey,
The sun is awaiting me.

As I enter in my train, I take a look behind me...

I Will never Return.
Track Name: Jigsaw
I take you on a beautiful ride, Nowhere to hide
Your hands tied,
Let the knife gently slide into your velvet skin.
Don't cry little angel,
it's your destiny, my addiction.
Tear off your flesh, to tear out your heart.
Makes mine beat to death,
As it's shadow dancing around.

My desire growing inside, she's so pretty, emptiness in her gaze,
So I push, push, push…
The snake crawling in and out her delicious white corpse.
Seeds of life fulfill her eyes while I feel alive.
And then all stops, time floats in the air,
Silence cannot break the sweet sound of the red river,
flowing on the floor.

I take her on the last ride, Nowhere to be found,
And I dig, dig, dig…
To finally make her one with mother Earth,
As the soil covers her ivory carcass,
I cannot help to let a tear drop.
No one will never ever hear about her anymore,
She's now Eternal,

Game Over.
Track Name: For Love of Yesterday
Existence is so fragile,
One single breath can destroy everything,
And I think we just took a too deep breath.
Nothing is eternal,
So how could we ever even think that our Earth was?
How can we believe that everything will be fine?

To see all these memories rot,
makes me fright to death
For the little time left.
We always thought that we had control,
but in reality we never ever thought,
that something could happen to us.

The Flower that never grows.
The Sun that never shines.
The Bird that never sings.
The Wind that never blows.

Reality is so fictive.
The beauty of life made me realize how horrible is humanity.
I have the feeling that the supreme intelligence of my kind is Dying,
As if we regress while evolving.

What if tomorrow was just made of memories of Yesterday?
What if all was just a dream?

A Final tearing Tribute to,
everything that we broke under our delicate masquerade.

Track Name: Our Own Society
Exhausted, we cannot walk anymore,
It seems that nothing is like before,
All the landscapes are uniform.
Every tree have the same dismal look
but the earth is still turning turning & turning forever.
We will continue to watch this race,
which the number of laps remains unknown.

We are the last ones,
Condemned, we better try to get out,
Restart everything. In our misfortune,
We have this chance, we'll not let it go.
Universe have claimed his rights,
But not our minds.
Our Ideals as weapons,
We will shape our own fate,
in the ashes of our past.

We've walked a thousand miles,
Remembering what we were.
We're lost under this unlighted sun,
We understood the seed of our mistakes.
Let's repair all of our sins,
In Our Own Society.

Building something new,
to restore the remains of a Forgotten World,
coded as:
OOS 1.0
Track Name: Fragments of A Modern Extinct Era
Now that we have collected all the Fragments Of A Modern Extinct Era,
Let's bury them, into the ashes of Earth,
And cover them with our endless will to build a better world.
And by that Day, we swear that we'll never dig up them, for prosperity of OOS.
For the good of all the Survivors, the Forsaken World must never become like the Modern Extinct Era.
We understood, As Time Reflects Our End.

We've found a new hope,
Out of the ashes of our fathers,
And by this acid rain who washed out our sins.
All of these Fragments finally unites in our minds
To gather these words:
"Recovery, Rebuild, Prosper"

Three words to unify everyone,
under the same banner.
Today we're all guilty,
for everything that happens.
Never take what we have for granted.

Beyond all logics,
Everything can always be reborn out of Nothing.
Physics Laws taken to pieces in a single blink.

Today we're all witnesses,
Of the Rising of a new world.
This time we are the builders,
And we will build it from our blood.
Enhancement of a World that once was.