As Time Reflects Our End

by Forsaken World

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    This is the legendary demo track that gave life to Forsaken World in August 2010, it consist of a slightly different "Near Future" instrumental with a vocal test.

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released March 30, 2012

Flyshredd - Guitars, Bass
Stelio "Dyp" Pagani - Vocals

Music: Flyshredd
Lyrics: Stelio "Dyp" Pagani
Artworks: Arkhamstudio
Recorded & mixed at The Quiet Place Studio by Stelio "Dyp" Pagani
Mastered at Tower Studio by Brett Caldas-Lima



all rights reserved


Forsaken World France

Forsaken World is a Death Melodicore band from France.

Created in 2010, the band release his first album "As Time Reflects Our End" in 2012.

And after several shows in Europe, the band release his second album "Fragments" in 2014.
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Track Name: 010010110
4 billions years for come to this,
From the water to the earth, from the fire to the air,
we walk on this borrowed land.
We have created some fantastic things, it's a great progress,
but a regression for what we had first.
Now computers dictates our lives.
Yesterday we made light without any fire, today we launch something in the space,
tomorrow we will teleport ourselves from a point to another?
Yesterday a Cold War (Thank You Petrov), today a revolution arround the world,
tomorrow Nuclear Heads on sale in supermarkets?
All of this doesn't matter, because our countdown have begun since the first man put a foot on earth.
Someone says "Our History will be what we make of It"
So look at the History ... it tells everything
As Time Reflects Our End
Track Name: Near Future
The sky burns out in a single flame,
The seas cover the valleys in a single drop,
Deserts are freeze in a single snowflake,

You're stuck here, no escape, space is a dream,
watching the world's demise in your TV, superficial end.
Welcome in the Near Future,
every second is one more nail
in the coffin of humanity.

Are you too blind to see that the near future
knocks at your door like Jehovah's Witnesses.

Rain of Fire
Toxic snow, Piercing Wind
Deadly Tide
Sunlight goes Out

Sunlight goes Out
Our Grace is Dead
Track Name: Crucified Truth
You condemned yourselves to live in
the shadow of something created by
the fragile minds of the first men.

Abandon your freedom in the glory
of a story distorted by the ages
Place all your bet on books
that can be written by any weird, Deranged, Pathetic man.

Every religion is a sect, have a clear conscience, give your money.
You will pay your place to heaven.

It's very easy to reject your problems
on a divine force who take care of you,
HAHA "Take Care" what a contradictory expression.
The hardest part is to face that fact: Why Humans don't coexists in Peace?
We're just freak of nature, just some genetic mutations.

So, adore the ones who rapes your children, God Bless Anal raping.
Pray the ones who don't allowed you the greatest joy in here.
Get on your knees for the ones who killed your Self-reflection.
Don't forget to eat the body of the greatest swindler of humanity.

Stay numb in your illusions, I will drink a cup of wine and fuck all night,
In the Name of GOD.

When men blindly follow the truth,
reminds you, that nothing is true.
When men are limited by morality or law,
reminds you, that everything is allowed.

God Bless Me, to send you this sweet poisoned Truth.

In (scream your name here) We Trust.
Track Name: My Shelter
Since the beginning,
I saw my hopes fell into illusions,
And all your knives ready to pierce me.
Tied to a sinking ship, I forgot my humanity,
And walked alone without purpose.

All your negative acts put a fucking blackout in my existence.
And what's came out of this, is endless years of troubles.
Where I've met the Sun and danced with the Stars,
and made a dark galaxy my home.

I always tried so very hard, to be someone that I'm not,
but at the slightest scratch, I crawl back into My Shelter.

But I've fell in another feeling,
the most beautiful but the most destructive.
I discovered my true face, with bitterness as light.
My heart has been thrown into the lion's den,
Love is a game with no sense,
then, I'm always stand here,
and thinking "what's next?"

I shoring up My Shelter from years to years,
And bury the key in an ocean of poisoned thoughts.
I lock up inside all the rage,
Again and again your fucking words are bouncing
against the walls of My Shelter.
Track Name: Forsaken World
It all begins with the global warming,
and your hypocrisy.
Corruption, Debts, Conspiracy.
Now peoples live in fear and doubt for the future,
it's time for Revolution.

We'll not let the Sun,
Burn your Skins.
We'll build walls,
Around your Faces.

We Forsake this World,
But you'll stay here,
Your shadows fades away,
Concrete will adhere to your tears,
Your lies have left a fear deep inside our Hearts.

This is what you get for have hiding the truth,
You're the worst face of humanity.
Fuckers, you've never wanted our welfare,
and left a big stab in our back.
Now this is your world, A Forsaken World.

The smallest action can lead to the greatest disaster.
Remember this, when you'll agonize in your pitch-black cell.

The smallest lie can lead to the greatest conspiracy.
Remember this, when you'll die in your pitch-black cell.
Track Name: Artificial Tears
An empty face,
In the middle of the crowd,
I can't even express the desire to die,
A lifetime without joy, love, fear, anger or passion.
I would like just one day that a tear runs down my cheek.

Do you cry when somebody dies ?
Do you laught when someone makes a joke ?
Do you love your family ?
Do you hate someone who hurts you ?

Are you afraid when you're alone ?
Are you in spite when someone deceived you ?
All those little things you don't even notice,
Are things that I would never know.

A Lifetime in front of empty thoughts,
Thinking of this or that, A pure and devoid vision of the world.
Every Heartbeat is a new step to deliverance.

Emotions are why we're human
So if I'm not human, what am I ?
Trapped in a body with no soul.
What is Existence if I can't Love.

Waiting a slow Death, who will comes without any Tears or Pain.
A reversed reality reflected in my eyes.
Track Name: Parallel Universes
Time is an entity so hard to understand,
The days pass and flow hour per hours.
What we do everyday dictates, what will happen tomorrow.
But things can turn out so differently,
Each little choices, each action, each step.

So many different lives that we can live,
But we'll ever know just only One.
I hope in Parallel Universes,
humans don't destroy the Earth.

Maybe in another Universe, I'm a good man.
Maybe you was never born.

So many different lives that we can live,
But we'll ever know just only One.
I hope in Parallel Universes, that you never knew Me.

Maybe in another Universe, I'm a Saint.
Maybe I'm already Dead.

I hope I died, so I can finally lay down in my dreams,
and never be frustrated anymore.
Peaceful and innocent,
Far from this blue land, I rewrites the History.

Time is an traitor entity,
The years pass and flow frustration by frustrations.
What we do everyday dictates what will happen in another Universe,
But you can never avoid the consequences.

So many different lives that we can live,
But we'll ever know just only One.
I hope in Parallel Universes, that I'm joyful.
Track Name: As Time Reflects Our End
We have crossed all limit,
We have tried to understand.
Answers have already fell in the abyss of Our Stupidity.
This is not a desperate call to save the world,
It's just an affirmation, a taboo reality.

Cry or Scream, it's impossible to prevent natural disasters.
We're just a foreign body, Earth defends itself,
like your body with a virus.
(eating piece by piece your cells)

We have sell back Our Birthday Gift on Internet
We are the LD50 of the Earth
We are the St Anger throw out the Window
As Time Reflects Our End

We have killed our creator (not our creation)
We are the Blue Screen of Death of the Earth
We are the antifreeze of the Perfection Girl
As Time Reflects Our End

Mankind is a species like any other,
his legendary intellect is its greatest weakness.
Take a look through History: Just War, Murder and Lies.
is this a way to cherish our gift?
No you prefer think of your precious money or your satisfying comfort

We have sucked our resource for too long now
We are the cancer spreading over the pancreas
We are the bloop invading the space
As Time Reflects Our End

It's Over, I can hear the sound of the cracking earth's crust.
Our Misery Existence flashing before our eyes.
My soul cries the bullshit of the primates,
And the futility of our attempts to fix everything.
Time collapses on itself, and the debris reflect only the void.

it's time to pray, it's time to pay
it's time to say, it's time to yell:
As Time Reflects Our End